Marija Ferro from SEDC, Speaker at GIT OPEN

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  • Posted: November 4, 2015

At GIT OPEN, our guests will have the chance to hear a short motivational speech based on a success story from a successful Macedonian woman in IT, Ms. Marija Ferro, Coordinator at the CISCO Networking Academy at Seavus Education & Development Center (SEDC).


Ms. Ferro recently received two prestigious awards from CISCO, “2014 Instructor Curriculum Specialist Award” in recognition of CCNA Curriculum Specialization and lasting contribution to the Cisco Networking Academy program, and “2014 Woman in Networking Award” in recognition of instructional excellence and lasting contribution to the Cisco Networking Academy program.

During GIT OPEN, in her short speech, she will tell our guests more about these awards and the path she walked towards a successful career in IT, the obstacles she had to overcome and the joy of all her success, through a personal story approach.

GIT OPEN event, will take place November 6th at 20:00 at Bistro Bruklinski in Skopje. Seavus and SEDC are the Lead Sponsors of this event, and through our collaboration with them for GIT OPEN, we will not only make the event into an excellent experience for our guests, but also this collaboration will be taken further onto other levels that will provide extra benefits for the members of Girls in Tech Macedonia.

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