[GIT STORY] Ivana Taleska: It was my first pitch and the subject was sensitive!

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  • Posted: November 24, 2015

Ivana Taleska is a young and ambitious girl in tech. She really has many passions – art, technology, animals… And she is involved with startups as well. In the last few years, Ivana has been active within the NCS team, a group of friends that work on developing their own startup and are working on various startup ideas. Among the many events they participated at, they have gotten a few awards at Codefest, and the 4th and 5th Startup Weekend Skopje events.


The 5th Startup Weekend Skopje took place this November 20-22 at the CoSeed business complex. The NCS team won this event with an application that helps deaf people make a call by converting voice to text during the call. Girls in Tech Macedonia was among the supporters of this event, and and there we managed to spot a few ladies that are into tech and startups. Ivana was one of them, and precisely at this Startup Weekend, she had her first pitch ever! We talked with her a bit, and below is what she told us.

Hi Ivana! We are lucky to hear that this was your first pitch! How was it?
IT: Well, yes. It was my first pitch and the subject was really sensitive. I think that’s why I got the courage to do the pitch.

At the 5th Startup Weekend Skopje, as part of NCS team, you won the first place! Congratulations! How was it to work with 3 guys in a team and what made you to take courage to do the pitching and the final presentation?
IT: While you are working with guys you need to know how to communicate with them on the same level. 🙂 In our team we do not have girls and guys. When we are working, we are working, no matter of gender. About the pitch, as I already mentioned, it’s really close to my personality so I do not need a lot of courage to go out there and present the idea. I am not going to say the same thing about the final, I was so jittery, my hands were shaking, probably because of the pressure that comes along with the finals. 🙂

Looking back, what made you decide to enter the tech world as a girl in tech and choose to learn design and IT? Do you have any regrets?
IT: I would definitely never regret entering this world. So many possibilities, so many ideas… After Art History, this was probably the only logical next step for me.

If you could tell something to the other girls that are re-thinking weather or not to pursue a career in tech because they think they are not ready, competent or good enough – what would you say to them?
IT: When I entered this world I was the most incompetent person there is! All you need is just the passion. If you have it, you can conquer the world because everything else you already have. 🙂 And please, please! Don’t dream of success, start working for it.


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