Raising the Questions about Women in Tech: Public Interest

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  • Posted: December 17, 2015

Recently, the Macedonian media and the wider public has been raising the questions of female presence in technology positions and the need for establishing a better gender balance in these areas. On that occasion, there have been a few media and other invitations to Girls in Tech Macedonia, where we had the opportunity to present why the organization exists and to give our opinion about the current situation with gender balance in tech not only in Macedonia, but in the wider region.

The Managing Director of Girls in Tech Macedonia, Jasna Trengoska, was invited to speak at the regional O2 Television on topic: “Women in the technology world”, where she had the opportunity to express her concerns about the presence of women in tech companies and education. She also discussed some of the latest technology trends and the impact of tech discoveries on the society.

Additionally, at the TVM Television, Trengoska was a guest at the 99% discussion live show along with Ms. Gordana Konjanovska, President at the Municipality Council in Ohrid, where together they spoke on topic: “Gender equality – a reality or centuries of wishes? How much are women present in head level and managing functions in the society.”

For the news portal Inovativnost.mk, Trengoska gave an interview about the goals of Girls in Tech Macedonia and information about joining the organization as a member.

In the last couple of weeks, we also were guests at the NOVA International School in Skopje, where we had an interactive session with some of the students, and raised their awareness about the importance of gender balance in STEM.



We also took part in the #eEngagement conference, where our Business Development Manager Monika Rizovska spoke on topic: “Technology has no borders and gender”. More about this can be found here.


We are very happy to have managed to raise some discussions about relevant topics of women in tech within the Macedonian society, education and media. Girls in Tech Macedonia will continue with its activities in the direction of stimulating awareness and action towards improving the gender balance in the country, in all spheres of STEM.

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