Girls in Tech Macedonia “broke into tech” in Shtip with the Projection CodeGirl

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  • Posted: December 23, 2015

Last week, Shtip had its first local Girls in Tech event, “CodeGirl: Breaking into Tech”.

The goal of the event was to increase the awareness of the need for more girls and women to get involved into entrepreneurship, business, and tech, overall. The projection of the documentary film was from crucial importance because it shows the process on how girls can make a change, creating and developing their own applications, without previous knowledge of programming, and with that, it emphasized the fact that anything a girl wants to do, she can achieve.


The event organization was supported by the Youth Center in Shtip, who provided the venue where the event took place, as well as Skopska Pivara that donated some refreshments, and of course, the official photographers for the event, Ana Georgieva and Ivana Drobarova. The event was visited by over 50 attendees who decided to express their support towards our cause, which exceeded our expectations.


Eva Georgieva, GIT Ambassador in Macedonia and one of the leaders of the GIT Club in Shtip, had an opening address and a short speech, elaborating the aims and goals of our organization, how people can become part of our team, and stressed several important facts regarding the alarming situation for women in tech and how this event is a start of making a change in Shtip.

The main part of the event was the projection of the film, with technical assistance from the Youth Center. The event was concluded with a final speech of motivational character, elaborating how young girls can participate in Technovation, a Global Entrepreneurship Program for Girls, which is featured in the CodeGirl film itself.

“Yes, I believe that when a girl is brave enough to reach out for her dreams, then they for sure become a reality, regardless of it being a girl from Uganda, Malaysia, France, or Macedonia”, says Georgieva.


The event also attracted some media interest, and Georgieva gave an interview for the local medium Iris Television, explaining the goals of the event, how it affects the community, the aims of Girls in Tech and her expectations for the future. The Managing Director of Girls in Tech Macedonia, similarly, spoke for the national radio station Kanal 77 and gave an announcement for the event and the following activities coming from Girls in Tech Macedonia.


The event had a warming atmosphere, people listened with great interest, the motivational speeches complemented the perception of information, and the documentary film, as a main part, told its own code-story. As organizers of this initiative in Shtip, we are very satisfied with the overall outcome from this event, and we are certain that we made one step forward into tech. Marked “CodeGirl: Breaking into Tech”, by the local community, as successful, we are even more certain and assured in our goals, and hoping for our next event.


The full event gallery can be seen here.

Girls in Tech Macedonia will continue with its mission to host and organize similar events all over the country, in many cities, in order to make our activities more available and reachable for the right target audience.

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